The Black Box Revelation is two Belgian teenagers, Jan Paternoster on guitar and Dries van Dijck on drums, whose debut album, “Set Your Head on Fire” (Beverly Martel/T for Tunes), stomps its way toward garage-rock and proto-punk, with Mr. Paternoster yowling like Iggy Pop or Mick Jagger and calling for love. Every so often they strip the music down to something slow and bluesy. But the Black Box Revelation isn’t purely retro. They are just as happy with a drum-machine beat and a heap of overdubbed percussion, as long as the music makes its happy, trashy crash. – February 24, 2008, The New York Times

In 2011 Jan and Dries went back to Hollywood to record their third album ‘My Perception’ which was released in October 2011. They stood an excellent chance as supporting act of Jane’s Addiction and they will soon perform live in David Letterman’s  The Late Show on CBS. ‘Madhouse’, the first track of their new album  will be featured in the fifth season of Californication.

Keep your eyes (and ears) out for these rockers!